1. No whining. 
  2. The views and opinions expressed, and the work produced by Hack4Love teams, are those of the individuals and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Hack4Love staff, or parent groups
  3. Work and scope should be discussed by the organization and the team before starting the hack.
  4. It's the responsibility of the hack4love teams to complete the work, and deliver all materials to the organizations.
  5. Ownership and rights of the materials created during a Hack4Love event are the shared ownership of organization and teams, but cannot be resold to other parties.
  6. Accommodations, and provisions by organizations are voluntary and not obligated to teams.
  7. Be a decent human being. For teams – just because you're donating time, doesn't mean that you're privileged to something. For organizations – these people are donating their time for you – give them a break.
  8. Have a great time.