How We Attack Our Hacks

Each Hack4Love is as unique as the teams and organizations that are involved.
Here's how the general process of each event works.

charity image

A non-profit organization posts a need

It all starts with an organization that needs to update their marketing materials, needs a refresher on their process, or needs to build an application that helps smooth out their process.


The right team is matched

The right team is formed around the particular need of the non-profit organization and hand-selected to put together the best work.

people working

The work

Whether it's a comprehensive marketing strategy, or a beautiful new website, or whatever the capabilities of the team are, work begins and usually lasts about 60 hours straight.


Deliver, Celebrate, Swag

When the dust settles, not only will you feel the elation of doing some great work for a great cause, but you'll also compete with other Hack4Love projects for some serious bragging rights.