Stuff teams ask

What if I have no skills?

Don't be so hard on yourself. There are plenty of things that you can do to make a big difference. Every team needs someone to go out to do some market research, organize contacts, and keep things on schedule. You're more valuable than you think

Can I bring my own team?

Absolutely! We encourage teams to be built from friends, colleagues, and agencies – it's a great team building experience.

Can I pick the non-profit that I want to work with?

Sure – ultimately, teams have the ability to choose the organizations to bless with their work. Non-profits must also approve the team that's going to be producing the work.

What if we don't finish? Can we continue to work with the organization?

Sure -- Just make the expectations clear, and communicate with the non-profit about what you feel comfortable delivering.



 Nonprofits ask

What the heck is a hackathon?

They're events that span about 35-50hrs straight, where designers, developers and strategists work on producing a product, creating a new use for a new technology, or try to building a company. The events usually end in a competition-like pitch competition for prizes.

What kind of work is typically done?

This is your chance to use your imagination. A lot of organizations ask for help with their website, marketing materials and perhaps some video work. We have more volunteer teams around these areas, but that shouldn't stop you from requesting teams around strategy, finance, development, consulting, etc.

Can I choose my own team?

Sure – When you post your need, you'll have teams submit to fulfill on the work you need done.

Can I continue to work with the team after the hackathon?

Sure! Sometimes it's not feasible for teams to continue to donate support, so be mindful about any costs that might be associated down the line.

Is all this really free?

For the most part! The value of Hack4Love events are many thousands of dollars. It would be great to consider contributing to accommodations, food, and gifts during the event.